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What To Expect

First I’d like to say thanks for choosing R&R. There are a host of other good fishing charter operators to choose from in Anacortes, but we think we provide the best service. Our goal is to make your experience with us top-notch. From safety to convenience we have tried to think of everything, and as such:

  • Our website is up-to-date and informative.
  • During the reservation process, you will be greeted by the polite, well-informed, Pattie (my wife) who will answer your questions and help you pick the trip and time that works best for you.
    • After you book you will receive an email confirmation detailing the date/time/and place you and your party are expected to show. The evening before your trip you will receive a call from your captain/guide. He will answer any last-minute questions you have, and (most importantly) you will now have his personal cell phone number in case you need to call him in the morning.
  •  For Steelhead and Salmon Guided River Trips:
    We will be fishing on Washington State’s north Puget Sound rivers including the Nooksack, Skagit, Sauk, and Skykomish systems.

    • These fishing trips last between 6–7 hours but can be customized for a shorter length and
      duration if it is a private group.
      • We will provide waterproof boots and rain gear should you need them. Just let us know at least
      two days before the trip how many in your party will need them, and what sizes.
      • We employ a variety of fishing methods all of which involve casting using spinning rods/reels.
      • If you are new to this don’t worry, we provide all the necessary gear and instruction and love
      teaching beginners and kids to fish.
      • The eagle-watching and photo trips last between 2 -3 hours in which your guide will enable
      spectacular views and photo opportunities of bald eagles in the wild.
      • We have two boats: a 13′ Stealthcraft drift boat that carries 2 persons, plus the guide, and an 18′
      Clackacraft which carries up to 5 persons plus the guide. Both boats are equipped with propane
      heaters and dry storage.
      • On fishing trips, all rods and tackle are provided. For those who need it, we can provide
      waterproof boots and rain gear. Just let your guide know how many and what sizes.
      • Our river guide is experienced, licensed, insured, and CPR/first aid-certified and works with all
      ages and abilities.
      • Prior to your trip, you will need to purchase a Washington State freshwater fishing license or you
      can purchase a 1-day license from us the day of for $10.
      • You are encouraged to bring food (snacks/sack lunch) and beverages, however, No Alcohol is
      • The day before your trip, your guide will reach out to you and send you a pin drop with the
      meeting spot located along the river he has chosen. Trips will meet at first light so you will need
      to plan accordingly.
      • We encourage you to check Google Maps to see how long it will take to get the spot along the
      • Cleaning and filleting of your catch is offered at the end of the trip. Don’t forget to bring a cooler
      with ice for the transport of your catch. Vacuum packing and shipping are not offered for river
      • For river trips, we do require full payment upon booking as we do not have credit card
      processing capability on the rivers. Please plan ahead and bring cash to tip your guide (15-20%
      is customary).
      • Lastly, rivers are best described as living and breathing. They can change rapidly in height, flow
      rate, and clarity. All these conditions can have both positive and negative effects on whether it is
      safe to go and on your fishing success. Your guide is a professional with years of experience. As
      such he may call the day before and cancel your trip. If this happens you will receive a 100% full refund.
  • Puget Sound trips – Check-in
    • We utilize an easy-to-find office for check-in.
    • There your captain/guide will greet you upon check-in with a smile.
    • The office is clean, warm, and comfortable with complimentary coffee and bottled water ready for you upon arrival.
    • The bathrooms are located in the same building (just behind the stairwell) for your convenience. IN CASE YOU ARRIVE EARLY, THE BATHROOM CODE IS “1973”. 
    • Plenty of free and secure parking is available directly in front of the office.
  • The boats are well-equipped with the latest technology and we work daily to keep them in good working order.
    • We carry a variety of rods, reels, and tackle so you don’t need to bring anything. (If you prefer a left-hand reel please let us know at least a day before the trip.)
    • Each boat has a bathroom on board that is primarily to be used as a urinal. We understand that sometimes nature calls, but we highly encourage you to take care of your “daily business” onshore. The vessels’ toilets are not designed to handle heavy loads if you catch my drift!
    • Both of our boats include enclosed cabins where you can relax and get out of the weather if that is your choice.
    • You will be outdoors most of the day, so we encourage you to bring any clothing, footwear, hats, sunglasses, gloves, you think you may need. Our boats have tons of storage room and you will only regret not having what you need to stay warm, comfortable, dry, or to block the sun. IF YOU THINK YOU NEED IT, BRING IT!
    • Coolers are permitted and you can bring all the food and drink you like.
    • Alcohol policy:
      • For afternoon trips (defined as trips that launch at first light) alcohol possession/consumption is strictly prohibited.
      • For morning trips, beverages that exceed 5% alcohol by volume are strictly prohibited. Hard alcohol is never permitted.
      • Should the captain determine that any one person on the vessel is drunk, the trip will be terminated. He will return the boat to the dock. No refunds will be afforded. If a passenger shows up already under the influence of alcohol, they will be turned away and considered a no-show and forfeit the price of their charter.
    • The smoking or consumption of pot, dope, Mary Jane, weed, tasty buds, etc… is not permitted on our boats.
    • Trip lengths vary depending on the time of year. Morning trips launch at first light and return at 1 pm. Afternoon trips launch at 2 pm and return at sunset.
  • Ocean conditions –
    • We fish among the San Juan Islands and in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The conditions are often very calm and enjoyable within the islands but we can see some rougher conditions while transiting or while we are fishing the Strait.  WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE DRAMAMINE THE NIGHT BEFORE IF YOU ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO SEASICKNESS. (Experience has shown that those who wait until the morning to take Dramamine are often overcome by drowsiness, and the medication will be less effective in combating motion sickness).

Salmon Fishing –

  • Salmon fishing in our region is done by trolling using downriggers and rod holders. What this means is you will not be holding a rod while waiting for a bite.
  • The captain/guide will set the gear. Your job is to watch the fishing rod and grab it when you see a bite. The captain will explain what a bite looks like and exactly what to do when getting hold of the fishing rod. This is often a surprise to our customers, and for this reason, we sometimes get the feedback that “all we did is sit and watch the captain fish.”
  • Your involvement depends on you, and paying attention to that fishing rod at all times is your part.  If you are distracted and miss the bite, rest assured your captain will see it and thrust a rod into your waiting hands!
  • In terms of who gets to reel in fish, we simply rotate and try to ensure everyone gets a chance.
  • We fish for a variety of salmon but depending on the size of the fish and the month, we may have to release the fish. State regulations require we release all wild chinook and those under 22 inches in length.
  • Limits depend on the State-set rules for the particular fish and the month you are fishing. In general, the limit is two salmon per person, one of which can be a chinook (king) salmon. The size limit for king salmon is 22 inches min. There is no size limit for pink or coho salmon.

Halibut Fishing –

  • We typically anchor in 150-180 feet of water in the Straight of Juan De Fuca, bait the hooks, and drop the lines. Halibut fishing is truly a waiting game. Sometimes we are lucky and anchor right on top of fish, but typically it takes a bit of time.  As the fish pick up the scent of our bait, they travel to our location and hopefully bite our bait and get hooked!
  • Each customer gets their own rod, which is placed in a rod holder while waiting for a bite.
  • Upon hooking up, the client handles the rod, and the captain harpoons or nets the fish as it approaches the boat.
  • The limit is one halibut per day per person with no size limit. The average size of halibut is 20-30 lbs, however, we do get a couple in the 50-70 lb range each year. Our largest is 89 lbs caught some years back.

Lingcod fishing –

  • Each client fishes with their own rod and is actively jigging (providing the motion to simulate a swimming baitfish) at a depth of 20 -120 feet. We use 2- 8 oz. jigs with a soft plastic or lead jig.
  • This is the most involved and active fishing we offer. It requires hard work and concentration to be successful.  For this reason, this may not be the best option for the very young, elderly, or those with balance problems.
  • The limit is one lingcod per day with a size slot limit of 26-36 inches. Very often we catch a variety of bottom fish on these trips, some of which can be kept, and others that have to be released.
  • Your captain/guide is well-versed in the rules and regulations and will help you identify which fish can be boated and kept. These trips are typically very rewarding as many fish are caught, even if they can’t all be kept.

Back at the dock-

  • At the end of the day, we will clean, fillet, and bag your catch at no additional charge. If you would like your fish vacuum packed and/or frozen we can do that as well. Just let your captain know before he begins cleaning the fish and he can calculate the fee.
  • As you walk back to your vehicle, feel free to stop by the office and grab a cup of coffee, purchase a t-shirt, hoodie, or hat, or use the restroom facilities before you hop in your car.

Tipping your captain –

  • Tips are always appreciated. An average tip is $20-$30 for each client. Cash is preferred but we can always add a tip via credit card as well.

Lastly, we work extremely hard at ensuring your experience with us is enjoyable, memorable, and rewarding from the moment you call to book to when you leave the marina following your trip. Please provide us with feedback, good or otherwise, as that is how we continue to better serve our clients.


Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon,

Brett & Pattie Rosson

R&R Charters

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